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Frequently Asked Questions



  • After I apply for a job, how do I know that my application has gone through?

    Once you have applied for a position, you will receive a system-generated acknowledgement of your application. Your resume, cover letter, and profile information will be reviewed by Human Resources within a few days and, if your skills and qualifications match the criteria of the posting, your resume and cover letter will be sent to the hiring manager to be reviewed. You will be contacted by Human Resources or the hiring manager if you are selected for an interview. Due to the high volume of applications received for most postings, only those selected for an interview are contacted.

  • Can I submit my resume if I’m not applying for a specific position?

    Yes. You can create a profile and submit an electronic resume through our career site. Just click on the ‘Just want to send us your resume?’ in the left hand menu. Please ensure you include specific information about your qualifications in the text.

  • Can I update my resume with WSP?

    If you already have a profile created through our Career site, you can login and update your profile and upload your updated resume (your previous resume will be deleted). 

  • Should my resume be in a specific format?

    There are no restrictions on your resume format. For best results, use Microsoft Word or pdf format.

  • What type of onboarding can I expect to receive if I join WSP?

    Once you have signed back your offer of employment, you will be sent an email welcoming you to our company and what will be required on your first day. Typically, you will meet a representative of our HR department, or a local Manager. We will take you through our introductory materials and introduced to your new work team.

  • Will my resume be considered for other roles within WSP or just the role I applied for?

    We regularly canvass our database in search of qualified individuals for our available positions. If we think your resume might be a match for an opening, we will contact you.