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From buildings that house power generation and distribution, endless mazes of production lines, warehouse raw materials and manufactured products, WSP delivers specialized facilities designed to maximize efficiency, health and safety.


Systems and structures within the manufacturing, industrial, power and mining industries often have unusual and unique engineering requirements, especially with respect to air handling, structural requirements, power needs and fire/life safety systems.  Our integrated design teams understand these requirements across the building life cycle and deliver solutions in a cost-effective manner tailored to needs of the project.

Our structural expertise has been showcased in designing large demanding steel and concrete structures as well as buildings that incorporate earthquake resistant designs. Our mechanical and electrical experts are also able to design with sustainability in mind, achieving LEED and other green building certifications, as well as saving on operations costs. Tying this all together, our teams use BIM and 3D modelling, minimizing costly design modifications due to complexity of building and equipment systems. Systems can be checked for conflicts, and pricing information can be easily obtained before and as construction progresses, with little modification and redesign.

In coordination with our buildings services, we offer industry-leading expertise in power generation; transmission and distribution; energy systems for buildings; and underground storage of hydrocarbons. Our work involves conventional technologies as well as cogeneration, combined-cycle generation, hydropower and the use of renewable energy sources. We are dedicated to helping clients maximize asset value, boost productivity, and protect health and safety.

Including structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing we are able to deliver services tailored to the requirements of our industrial partners:

  • Fire protection engineering
  • Sustainability and low-carbon specialists
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) specialists
  • Noise, acoustics and vibration engineering
  • Air quality consulting
  • Environmental planning, permitting, assessment
  • Landfill engineering and waste management




Gareth Newlands

National Vice President, Business Development, Buildings