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Labs & Pharmaceuticals

The medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries continue to evolve and change at a blistering pace. Facing increasing global demand, complex challenges and unique risks in delivering the best in diagnostics, medicines and products, these specialized facilities complete with state-of-the-art instruments require expert designers who understand the industry and processes.


Whether they are academic laboratories, pharmaceutical laboratories and medical research facilities, no two clients are alike and no two solutions are alike. We focus on thoroughly understanding client needs, concerns, goals and constraints. As a trusted advisor, we provide tailored and innovative technical and management solutions as we advise on shifting business models, environmental concerns, R&D pipeline issues, regulatory pressures, competition, speed to market, scientific and technological advances, and compliance and risk management, among others.

Our engineers have become experts through extensive training and considerable interaction with the end-users in order to fully understand how a building needs to function before developing initial concepts. The ability to understand and interpret the scientific mission of our clients allows us to achieve the best and most innovative design and engineering solutions to safely operate the facilities, meet or exceed requirements, and optimize the sophisticated technologies and systems needed to achieve their scientific programs.

For pharmaceutical clients, our integrated design package means we work with them to streamline automation processes for pandemic preparedness, develop concept studies and capital investment plans for complex multiproduct plants or refurbishing existing facilities without disrupting ongoing operations. Our rigorous yet flexible approach has earned the trust of diversified and non-diversified multinational clients, local clients, as well as yielded numerous project successes and awards.

As a leader in the design and engineering of specialty laboratories, we have developed expertise in creating specialized and unique facilities needed by government, academia and the private sector for research, testing and evaluation at the highest levels.

Our experience with sophisticated research and development (R&D) and manufacturing facilities includes:

  • Biomedical research, chemistry and biology
  • Biocontainment, chemical and bio-research facilities
  • Class 10,000, 1,000, and 100 clean rooms
  • Nanotechnology and materials science
  • Analytical and electronics laboratories
  • Support space and vivarium design




Gareth Newlands

National Vice President, Business Development, Buildings