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Performance Audits & Post-Construction Warranty Reviews


Quality Reports Maximize Warranty Coverage

WSP has successfully completed performance audits and warranty reviews on facilities of all types and sizes since the mid-80’s.

Our experience negotiating with the provincial warranty programs such as Tarion Warranty Corporation (Ontario) and with developers / builders during the resolution process helps us provide a performance audit or warranty review that maximizes warranty coverage.

We identify deficiencies by comparing as-built conditions with the drawings and standards of good workmanship. We also ensure that the appropriate technical resources within our team are consulted in compiling all the information.

Our experience with building repair and renewal does more than enable us to identify existing deficiencies that may qualify for warranty coverage. It helps us recognize problems well before they become costly, problematic issues.

Simplified Resolution Process

WSP provides clear, concise reports that clearly and independently identify each warranty claim item. This simplifies the tracking process during the resolution process. As well, to assist with resolution, we use a deficiency-tracking tool with such built-in features as a graphical status report and a special sign-off sheet option.




Peter Leong
National Business Development Lead