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Enclosure Commissioning

Building enclosure commissioning (BeCx) is a quality-focused process designed to ensure a building meets the owner’s project requirements and performance objectives. Ultimately, BeCx ensures a building’s quality and durability.


Comprehensive Diagnostics

Using a wide variety of diagnostic and testing tools, WSP's building enclosure engineers evaluate the performance of walls, roofs and glazing systems at all stages of the project, including pre-design, pre-construction and construction.

Early in the design process, we use performance modeling, such as daylight and glare modeling, and heat transfer/condensation control modeling to assess the impact of performance criteria. We also review proposed details to identify and address issues before they become performance problems.

Once construction has begun, we carry out a number of on-site performance tests such as smoke tracing, air leakage, water leakage and thermographic scanning. These enable us to assess the impact of deviations from the building specifications.

Our services include field testing and full-scale lab testing support where we review and comment on in-situ or qualified lab curtain wall testing performed by others.




Peter Leong
National Business Development Lead