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Roof Consulting

WSP's roofing specialists have the skills and experience to consider the roof not just as an individual building component, but the roofing assembly as part of the entire building enclosure.


We understand that roof design and performance can significantly impact the condition of the walls as well as the indoor environment. Decades of experience have taught us which systems can be relied on and how roofing systems fail. This means we can deliver authoritative roofing recommendations that you can understand and integrate with your other building needs.

Performance-Driven Designs

Roofing systems are too often viewed as disposable assets. WSP designs new durable roofing for long-term performance. We also provide solutions that cost-effectively extend service life or renew existing roofing.

Deep Industry Experience

Many of WSP's roof performance experts have prior industry experience in manufacturing and contracting. Several are Canadian members of the Roofing Consultants Institute (RCI). We also participate on ASTM roofing and waterproofing committees and are involved in writing new industry standards.




Peter Leong
National Business Development Lead