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Structural Glass Design

WSP has partnered with internationally-renowned architects to create dynamic and durable structural glass designs for a variety of buildings. We understand the challenges inherent in glass design and construction. Our objective is to balance structural performance and durability with constructability and future maintenance requirements.


Benefits of Structural Glass

The benefit of using structural glass is mostly aesthetic.

Structural glass systems are so-called "frameless" systems that incorporate glass "fins" or metal fittings in place of traditional mullions. The fittings and anchors are often counter-sunk into laminated glass, giving the exterior glass surface a planar appearance with limited views of the support structure.

Structural glass systems can be used for:

  • suspended glass walls
  • canopies
  • roofs, and
  • skylights

They can be comprised entirely of glass and small metal fittings, or they can be designed in conjunction with high tension steel rods, cables or tubes.




Peter Leong
National Business Development Lead