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Repair & Renewal

Facility renewal is more than just replacing existing systems and components with “Like for Like”.


WSP provides solutions to facility performance problems that reflect a complete understanding of the building system and life-cycle.

With our in-depth knowledge of design processes, maintenance practices, construction materials, and the impact these have on the built and natural environment, we can accurately diagnose problems and create intelligent, cost-effective repair strategies for buildings of any size or type.

We Offer

  • Capacity to take on large or small projects and meet aggressive schedules because we have one of the largest Building Sciences team Canada
  • Experience with all building types – from low-rise, wood-framed structures to complex institutional facilities and landmark high-rise towers
  • Proven track record with all structural materials – steel, concrete, glass, aluminum, masonry and wood
  • Leading-edge knowledge management processes designed to save you time and money

Renewing with a purpose

We deliver the full spectrum of management strategies, from targeted repair projects that prolong service life to major changes designed to support a building’s marketplace re-positioning.

We help our clients select the right mix of repair, renewal and replacement to meet their business needs, budgets and schedules. We have the experience to ensure minimal disruption to your facilities and occupants.




Peter Leong
National Business Development Lead