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Solar Energy

Where direct sunlight is abundant in Canada, solar energy technologies are plentiful from coast to coast. Solar power, while traditionally, has been non-electric active solar system applications, more and more solar water heating systems today are put together for residential and commercial purposes. Solar power is steadily increasing in popularity and recent studies have indicated the potential to climb up to five percent in the country’s energy needs by the year 2025.


WSP’s solar energy group is enthusiastic about the growing use of this sustainable energy option in our communities and beyond. Our expert provides a complete range of engineering and environmental services for photovoltaic solar energy projects, from initial development and studies to design and services during construction. Our clients are solar developers, building owners and contractors.

Our expertise includes:

  • Solar Resource Assessment – modeling using PVSyst, calculation of net energy production, feasibility analysis, layout optimization;
  • Technology comparisons;
  • Environmental and permitting services – constraints, field studies, noise modeling, public and agency consultation, reports;
  • Facility engineering – geotechnical, civil, stormwater, electrical, structural, contract documents, project management;
  • Electrical design – utility interconnection studies, single line diagrams, modeling, collector system optimization, substation, grounding, protection and controls, metering, regulatory approvals, professional services during construction;
  • Owner’s engineer, third-party reviews;
  • Solar panel mounting system design;
  • Foundation design;
  • Civil engineering for site access; and
  • Commissioning.


Errol Halberg
Errol Halberg Manager Resource Assessment
+1 403 248-9463, 206