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The wellness of the environment is directly related to that of humankind and many other life forms on this planet. With the understanding that our ecosystem is a complex milieu in which alterations to any of its components could easily create trickle-down effects, our multidisciplinary environmental consultants specialize in balancing the integration between the built and natural environments.


The balance is intricate, so when it comes to investigating, designing or building services for municipal, industrial, commercial, residential or major infrastructure projects, our clients trust us to provide comprehensive expert assessments. In Canada, WSP’s environmental professionals provide consulting and value engineering services related to geotechnical, environmental assessments and audits, hydrogeological and material testing projects. Other areas of specialization include: quality assurance, air, noise, hazardous materials management, building science, instrumentation and monitoring, pavements, natural science, archaeology, mining, concrete, and land remediation services.

Sustainable development is an integral part of WSP’s overall project vision: every effort is made to ensure economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Understanding the soil condition is essential to any development, WSP experts help clients start off on the right foot.
At WSP, we understand the importance of using materials that meet quality standards. We ensure that each material contributes to the success of our client’s project.
We provide environmental services across the country. Our solutions are based on experience and knowledge of our local communities.
Our landfill service professionals are well-equipped to provide a complete range of engineering services to both public and private sector clients.
Meeting air quality requirements is an important component of any project. WSP provides project-specific solutions to any air challenges.
It’s important to keep track of risks. WSP helps clients anticipate, recognize, evaluate, control and prevent potential hazards from affecting their projects.
WSP experts focus on designing, analyzing and controlling facilities for optimal noise control. Our solutions are carefully tailored in order to meet the challenges of each unique monitoring situation.
Today more than ever preservation of the natural environment is paramount. At WSP, we believe that environmental services are a key component to any project.
Our engineers provide top-notch professional consulting services for groundwater engineering, hydrogeology and landfill services.
At WSP, our experts pursue a single objective: work together to meet current environmental requirements while ensuring governmental authorizations are obtained on time.
History has a strong foothold in today’s landscape. We partner with our clients to deliver cultural heritage projects while sustaining the environmental footprint.
WSP helps to ensure that the essential traffic arteries remain safe by providing structural design and concrete technology.
WSP experts develop corporate strategies and management systems, design and implementation of building performance improvements and help pursue external recognition through programs such as LEED and GRESB.
Over the past 10 years, WSP has completed over 200 environment, health and safety mandates (EHS) across Canada while focusing on environmental protection, employee health and workplace safety.




Key Contacts

Jason Herzog
Director, Environment
Tel: +1 780 410-6823

Dan Mohr
Vice President Environmental Management
Tel: +1 905 687-1771

Mark Cece
Vice President Ecology and EIA
Tel: +1 905 882-4211

Scott Peaker
Vice President Geotechnical
Tel: +1 416 798-0065

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