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In Canada, our broad depth of knowledge contributes to provide our clients with a full ‘one-stop-shop’ approach from the strategy development, to design and implementation of their complete facility, including specialist; storage systems of raw and packing materials, process plants, material handling, clean-in-place and sanitation systems, filling and packing, finished goods storage (including frozen, perishable and dry goods) as well as the requirements associated with distribution warehousing.


We have an extensive experience in engineering design and implementation of projects within the food and beverage industry. We have the ability to add exceptional outcomes as well as ensuring the highest level of health, safety and regulatory standards to meet the requirements of this consumer driven industry.  

The constantly changing product trends and margins associated with the demands of the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) market dictate that we are competent and sufficiently flexible to accommodate these project drivers in terms of resource profiling, time constraints and project execution.