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Light Metals

In Canada, WSP plays an active role in the metallurgy and light metals industries. We have multidisciplinary engineering expertise and we are able to work with clients at every stage of their projects, from design to commissioning.


Our team has unique skills in the light metals field and has worked on numerous projects in the aluminum and magnesium industries, focusing on electrolysis, foundries, anode preparation, aluminum smelters, metal and scum recycling, as well as magnesium alloys production and recycling facility using state of the art melting and purification technology.

We also have related expertise in light metal transformation plants, high voltage installations, dust removal equipment, off-gas treatment, steel frame and reinforced concrete structures and instrumentation and specialized commands.

Also, our team has experience with various contracting approaches including design-build and EPCM services while maintaining specialized expertise to address various light metals plants issues such as capacity to recycle many types of industrial magnesium scrap, including turnings and dross.