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Thermal Processes

In Canada, we have a wealth of experience in a wide range of sectors such as calcination, graphitization, carburization, controlled oxidation, oxide reduction, purification, pyrolysis, drying, reduction, solid-solid reaction, gas-solid reaction, metalizing, debinding, and waste remediation.


WSP has amassed considerable experience and knowledge in bio energy and thermal gasification projects which demand a wide variety of skills from early conceptual studies, through the permit process and environmental impact assessment to the basic and detailed design of the plant. The design involves many disciplines such as process, automation, electrical, mechanical and structural engineering. We have the ability to contribute with structured and strong project management skills as well as advanced technical expertise.

Our range of experience of different techniques, process methodologies and applications allows us to deliver the right solution for effective results.

WSP has also developed a particular expertise in Industrial combustion processes such as steam and hot water boilers, cement and lime kilns, etc. Our expertise includes Burner Management Systems (BMS) and complete boiler/furnace pressure control, etc.).