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Mineral Processing & Mine Backfill

Extracting the true value of mined materials efficiently and effectively takes hard work and expert knowledge. In Canada, we have a solid expertise in mineral processing that includes process analysis and optimization, studies, engineering and design, as well as technical support and procurement.


WSP is a recognized leader in this field, delivering a multitude of projects in mineral processing worldwide. Our specialists have extensive knowledge of the various steps in mineral processing applications such as:

  • Definition of Metallurgical Testing
  • Process Flowsheets
  • Design Criteria and Mass Balance
  • Reconciliation of Metallurgical Data
  • Process Analysis and Optimization
  • Equipment Selection and Plant Design
  • Procurement
  • Construction Management
  • Field Start-up
  • Operations Support
  • Design of the Backfill Distribution System (rock, hydraulic, high density, paste)


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