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Well Sites, Flow Lines & Satellites

WSP works collaboratively with field operations staff to ensure that we engineer facilities that are flexible and reliable.


Leading-edge Solutions

Our extensive knowledge in this field has allowed us to develop a low cost repeatable and benchmarked work processes around completion of wellsite, well pad, battery and satellite projects. Through the standardization and templating of this process, WSP has been able to save our clients both time and money, while maintaining the integrity of our work. Our teams work with clients to establish low risk solutions to tie in the wells and transport the gas & oil to the sales tie-in point. These projects can expand in scope to include separators, tank storage, field boosters, and other facility work.

More and more clients identify the need for this service and appreciate the standardization and templating we bring to this type of work. We also offer our clients the flexibility to customize a well tie-in package that will meet their needs.


  • Separation/free water removal and 3-phase measurement
  • Sand separation
  • Injection wellsites including acid gas & water
  • Hydrocarbon liquid storage
  • Produced water handling, filtration, de-oiling and storage
  • Polymer injection
  • Templating & standardization
  • Compression


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