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Geotechnical & Rock Mechanics Engineering

Although miners chase buried treasures, the words ‘uncertain’, ‘unstable’, and ‘unreliable’ are not acceptable in the mining industry. Our geotechnical expertise spans thousands of projects, as we have delivered engineering solutions that meet the stringent quality and budget standards of the industry.


With a strong geotechnical team, we assist our clients on complex underground/open-pit stability and design, as well as inspections. Access to our certified materials testing laboratory provides you with a consistent, independent, and reliable assessment of soil conditions and construction materials throughout the project lifecycle.

Our comprehensive geotechnical team offers solutions, studies, and engineering analysis for projects, including:

  • Geotechnical Earth Structures Design – dams, water collection ponds, berms, and ditching, foundations
  • Tailings and Waste Rock Management – design, planning and stability analysis of retaining structures
  • Geotechnical Analysis – seepage, overburden bearing capacity, settlement, slope stability analysis, instrumentation, and monitoring
  • Seismic Hazard Evaluations
  • Rock Mechanics and Ground  Control – numerical modelling, crown pillar stability and design, pit slope design and slope design, determination of rock strength parameters, support selection and design, instrumentation and monitoring, mine sequencing, core logging, and geotechnical mapping, and domain evaluation
  • Aggregate Management – prospecting and selection of borrow areas
  • Site Characterization and Hazard Mapping
  • Subsurface investigations and baseline reports for boreholes and test holes as well as comprehensive laboratory services


Todd McCracken
Todd McCracken Manager - Mining