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The mining sector faces many obstacles that include budgetary pressures resulting from complexities of extracting natural resources at greater depth or in remote locations, as well as the increase of national resource nationalism. Being problem solvers at heart and having won industry accolades for our mining projects, we are an ideal partner for designing solutions related to the diverse challenges our clients face. Our projects have enjoyed successful thanks to our unique approach rooted in social acceptability.


Facilitating Exploration to Reclamation

Every step of the way, WSP offers the mining and mineral processing sector comprehensive solutions that encompass the needs of each stage of a mining project development or implementation. Our clients reap the benefits of our specialists’ in-depth experience and expertise in the areas of geology, geotechnics, mining development, mineral processing, mining infrastructure, project management, applied technologies, and mining environments.

Canada is one of the world’s leading markets for resource properties as we boast a geological and geographically diverse country combined with one of the most technically advanced and innovative mining sectors. As such, our Experts have successfully delivered a wide range of mining projects locally and worldwide, drawing on the skills of our integrated multidisciplinary teams and using state-of-the-art technological tools to develop optimal solutions tailored to the needs of each project. Regardless of complexity, WSP is the partner of choice for successful mining projects around the world.

We provide support throughout the project lifecycle, from conceptual and feasibility studies through addressing social acceptance issues, to detailed engineering and complete EPCM delivery. We build up intricate and holistic knowledge that feeds into all aspects of our work.


From exploration to production to site closure, WSP provides environmental services throughout each phase of the project.
Our geotechnical services team excels in delivering comprehensive solutions, studies and engineering analysis.
With clues both from the surface and deep within the earth, our geologists help make sense of the complexity presented in all aspects of the mining cycle.
With several thousand successful projects under our belt, our expertise is in mining infrastructure, mine water booster pumps, large headframes and hoisting systems.
Extracting the true value of mined materials efficiently and effectively takes hard work and expert knowledge. Our specialists can help.
WSP’s comprehensive and highly skilled mining engineering team provides optimal solutions for projects of all sizes. No job is too complex.



Using our expertise in the field of geoscience, WSP partners with Integra Gold Corp in the international $1 million Gold Rush Challenge.

Key Contacts

Léandre Gervais
Senior Vice President, Mining
Tel: +1 438 843-7889