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Sustainability & Energy

At WSP, we help our clients navigate the sustainability landscape and build more resilient organizations that thrive in a changing world.
WSP is Canada’s leader in greening existing and new buildings as well as managing the recognition of green buildings using industry-leading labeling and certification programs like LEED, BOMA BEST and more.
WSP's energy services are focused on helping our clients reduce operating costs and achieve the full potential from their building systems.
WSP helps our clients manage resources responsibly and achieve GHG reductions by measuring, managing and reporting on performance.
At WSP, we operate at the intersection of science, engineering, and strategic management to help future-proof your operations.



Sustainability Specialists

We work with our clients to identify risks and opportunities related to sustainability. To respond to these we develop corporate strategies and management systems, design and implement building performance improvements, and pursue external recognition through labeling programs such as LEED and GRESB.

Frameworks for non-financial reporting have proliferated as investors and stakeholders demand increased disclosure of sustainability risks and opportunities.