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Sustainability Strategy

As the sustainability agenda has progressed, many organizations recognize that sustainability can be a value driver and differentiator in the marketplace. At WSP, we help our clients navigate a complex sustainability landscape and unlock opportunities to reduce cost, create brand value, and mitigate risk across the value chain, ultimately building more resilient organizations that can thrive in a changing global market.


In our experience, a successful sustainability strategy should be integrated with an organization’s key business objectives, tailored to specific operating constraints, aligned with organizational culture, inclusive of diverse stakeholder perspectives, ambitious in scope, and designed with implementation in mind.

Some of the world’s leading organizations have relied on WSP’s expertise in sustainability strategy. Our services include:

  • Benchmarking and Maturity Assessments: We evaluate company sustainability efforts relative to peers and other sustainability leaders to help guide program focus and direction
  • Operational Assessments: We assess company operations, identifying opportunities to reduce cost and mitigate risk across energy, waste, water, and other sustainability impacts
  • Program Design and Strategic Planning: We help align sustainability with corporate goals, establish program governance, define mission, vision, and policy statements, develop goals and priorities, and create strategic plans; we also provide seconded resources as dedicated program support
  • Supply Chain Management: We conduct product life cycle assessments (LCAs), scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories, regulatory compliance evaluations, and supplier sustainability assessments to better understand and respond to supply chain risks and opportunities
  • Public Reporting and Communications: We develop sustainability disclosures that provide a balanced perspective on company performance while engaging external stakeholders; we support our clients in assessing materiality, identifying appropriate reporting outlets (e.g., Global Reporting Initiative, CDP, GRESB), prioritizing stakeholder requests, interpreting key performance data, and developing report content

Our sustainability strategy services are complemented by a wide range of related technical expertise within WSP. Our team includes specialists in sustainable energy, GHG and resource management, and product and supply chain, as well as others with expertise in building design, environmental engineering, transportation and municipal infrastructure design.



Douglas Webber
Douglas Webber Vice President Sustainability and Energy
+1 416 644-4925, 299
Regan Smith
Regan Smith Senior Director
+1 416 644-8534, 409