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Port Facilities

Ports are busy, dynamic transportation centers that constantly require technical enhancements to meet the needs of critical global movement of goods. Over 2.3 billion tonnes of cargo are handled annually In the United States and Canada. Via North American ports, import and export of goods is possible to major trade centres in all corners of the world.


To address economic demands, a full range of advisory planning, design and construction management services is vital. From the port complex to landside access to surrounding transportation infrastructure, the WSP team of experts help you address a myriad of challenges in marine transportation. Whether your challenge is about port development to increase capacity or simply to stay up-to-date in order to ensure the continued flow of goods, our comprehensive approach considers all aspects of your business including its impact to the environment and human geography.

A comprehensive suite of strategic consulting in recommending project development and phasing is offered, in addition to design and construction management services through to facility operations and maintenance. The best interest of our clients is indeed at the core of our business.

Our areas of expertise in Port and Coastal engineering include:

  • Port and harbour planning
  • Wharves and mooring facilities
  • Heavy industrial handling of bulk, cargo and container equipment
  • Coastal engineering, waterways and hydrodynamic modeling
  • Rail and road transportation
  • Building and civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering (low to high voltage) and telecommunication systems
  • Project and construction management
  • Environmental studies, permitting and monitoring
  • Geotechnical and foundation studies, material testing and quality control
  • Bathymetric and topographic surveying and underwater inspection

Our multidisciplinary team also provides clients with guidance on environmental impacts and the development of mitigation measures.



Steve Renaud
Steve Renaud Directeur de projet, Portuaire et cotier