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Roads & Highways

Roads and highways are used every day for business and pleasure. A country’s economy and quality of life is greatly affected by its road network. It is therefore essential to have the safest, most effective and sustainable network, while taking cost into account.


In Canada, we have decades of experience when it comes to planning and designing road and highway infrastructure. Over the past five years our teams have worked on more than 2,000 km of highways and roads, including new roadways, widenings and full rehabilitations. Our experts have worked in a variety of environments from highly urban centres to rural and remote areas across the nation. WSP is also a Canadian pioneer in the areas of modern roundabouts and in paving with reinforced concrete and continuous reinforced concrete (CRC).

Sustainability is at the heart of our approach. Our professionals are adept at integrating sustainable development into projects, particularly with respect to natural and socio-economic impacts when developing route selection, landscaping and property takings in the built environment.

Our multidisciplinary team develops optimized concepts that take into account the principles of complete streets and urban integration, while balancing physical and financial constraints. For existing infrastructure, WSP provides asset management plans, condition surveys and rehabilitation strategies.

From planning, through to design and even construction management we can make any client’s project a reality.

Our Services

  • Urban Freeways
  • Rural Freeways
  • Municipal Roadways
  • Rail Grade-Separations


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Dave Kozak Manager
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Sylvain Miville Vice-president adjoint
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Gord Krieger Manager
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James Morgan Director