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Traffic Engineering

Traffic engineering is more than just making vehicles and pedestrians move efficiently; ensuring that infrastructure is safe, accessible and that it is designed for all road users is vital for success. Working with both public and private clients, our team addresses traffic issues from new developments to reconstructing existing infrastructure to better meet current needs.


Consistently on the leading edge, our teams work both with the latest computer simulation tools and with in-house proprietary solutions for assessing traffic at local, city-wide and regional scales. Providing not only an effective way of testing solutions, these tools are also excellent in helping the public understand the project through visual simulations.

Our areas of expertise in traffic engineering include:

  • Accessibility, parking and traffic impact studies for both public and private clients
  • Integration of active transportation and transit into road designs
  • Intersection design and operation
  • Road safety studies
  • Traffic management during construction
  • Traffic signal design and coordination
  • Transportation and traffic counts/surveys


Gregory O'Brien
Gregory O'Brien Manager
Vincent Ermatinger
Vincent Ermatinger Vice-prsident, Planification des transports