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Apron expansion and other upgrades at Rankin Inlet

WSP delivered major civil expansion and electrical rehabilitation projects at the Rankin Inlet Airport.


Client: Department of Community and Government Services, Government of Nunavut

Our client’s challenge

Accessibility to Canada’s northern regions is essential in order to promote economic activities. Completing the airport upgrade while staying on budget and on schedule with minimal interruption was of utmost importance to the client. Mobilization of construction equipment and materials to the site was a challenge, and timing of sea lifts influenced the project schedule. 

Our approach

The earthworks phase of the Apron I expansion and new Taxi C project consisted of production and placement of granular material and asphalt paving for the 45,000m²-expansion of the existing airfield pavements. Construction of this project was phased over the 2012-13 construction seasons to allow the subgrade fill placed in the first year to freeze over the winter. The frozen material was then insulated in early 2013 and completed in summer of 2013.

Immediately upon completion, the apron expansion and new Taxi C were paved with asphalt pavement; the entire 45,000 m² of apron expansion and Taxi C were completed in time for winter operations.

The airfield electrical upgrades were also phased over 3 years and are scheduled to be completed in 2015. This project consisted of replacing the existing approach lighting, PAPI, edge lighting and FEC equipment on Runway 13T, as well as installation of a new approach lighting system for Runway 31T.


The Apron I expansion and new Taxi C project was completed in the fall of 2013. The electrical is scheduled for completion in 2015.

CYRT Aircraft parked on apron

Inuksuk overlooking Rankin Inlet, NU.