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Black Creek Stabilization

Addressed erosion risk for construction of a community centre adjacent to Black Creek.

  • WSP evaluated and selected a stabilization strategy to remove the Black Creek site from the erosion risk hazard, carried out detail design, and obtained the necessary permits.
  • A fluvial geomorphic assessment and historical review of the movement of the watercourse was conducted, to understand the morphologic processes governing the behaviour of the watercourse, and to guide the selection of the stabilization strategy.
  • WSP used hydraulic modeling to assess the impact of the proposed stabilization strategy, and updated the flood line map for the site.
  • We also recommended the partial realignment of the Creek and the use of an armourstone wall and vegetated riverstone revetment to stabilize the reach for a distance of about 500 m downstream of Eglinton Avenue west.
  • WSP secured  the necessary permits and construction was substantially completed on schedule.


  • Natural Channel Design
  • Fluvial Geomorphology
  • Surveying
  • Aquatic Ecological Assessments
  • Terrestrial Ecological Assessments
  • Hydraulic Modeling
  • Flood Plain Mapping

Location: Toronto, Ontario