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Business Intelligence Services and Infrastructure Provisioning Support for Bell Canada

WSP provided strategic planning advice and stakeholder representation services to assist Bell Canada in the planning process, and advance the timely delivery of telecommunications infrastructure.

  • We provided comprehensive monitoring of development activity and policy initiatives across southern Ontario using an enterprise GIS.
  • GIS provided insight into growth patterns and development trends that assisted Bell in planning for the expansion or improvement of telecommunications infrastructure.
  • In 2010, WSP developed and deployed a secure information exchange portal for Bell, enabling WSP and Bell staff to query, map, and generate reports from the GIS and communicate through an integrated website.


  • Network Planning Analysis and Strategic Advice
  • Stakeholder Representation
  • Socio-Economic Analysis and Forecasting
  • Database Management and GIS Analysis
  • Print and Online Analytics Visualization and Reporting
  • Online Mapping and Project Management Tools
  • Urban Design and Heritage Conservation Guidance

Location: Various locations, Ontario