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Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa

Rehabilitation and revitalization of the Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, ON, Canada - the largest renovation project in the history of the Museum.


The client’s objectives

  • To upgrade and modernize the museum and its facilities.
  • To provide long-term life cycle cost projections over the life of the systems, allowing the Museum to select systems with the affordable operating costs, as well as allowing the Museum to develop long-term budget forecasts.
  • To address building envelope construction issues without compromising the building’s masonry/stone cladding by the intervention of a dynamic buffer zone wrapped into the new seismic structural protection zone.


The Victoria Memorial Museum Building in Ottawa was built over several years starting in 1905. This historic building has been home to the Canadian Museum of Nature since 1912. It also became the headquarters for the House of Commons and Senate for four years after a fire destroyed the Centre Block of Parliament Hill. We have been associated with more than 20 renovation projects since 1972 at the Victoria Memorial Museum Building.

We were engaged as the mechanical and electrical engineering sub-consultant to the PKG Joint Venture architectural team comprised of Barry Padolsky Architects (Ottawa), Kuwabara, Payne, McKenna, Blumberg Architects (Toronto) and Gagnon, Letellier, Cyr Architects (Quebec), for design and construction site review services related to the Victoria Memorial Museum Rehabilitation Project.

We are pleased to have worked on the restoration and rehabilitation of the historic Canadian Museum of Nature, given that it is a heritage building and a representation of Canada's “past meeting its future”.