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Cenovus Foster Creek


WSP completed a study in early 2007 for Cenovus’ Christina Lake Commercial Plant that identified and compared the various processes available to recover sulphur from the bitumen off-gas. Three processes were identified as the best options for sulphur recovery:

  • Option 1: Amine gas sweetening plus acid gas injection;
  • Option 2: LoCat redox sulphur recovery; and,
  • Option 3: Amine gas sweetening plus sulphur recovery.

The results of the study were also applied to the Foster Creek project. The project used Option 3 moving through to the implementation phase.

The second phase of the project involved detailed design of the sulphur recovery facilities to provide amine gas sweetening and sulphur recovery process equipment. A primary amine/gas sweetening unit, followed by a secondary amine/acid gas enrichment unit was designed to feed a conventional three stage modified Claus sulphur recovery unit.


  • FEED
  • Detailed Design

Location: Christina Lake, Alberta