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City of Stratford Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan

Guide for the development and management of bikeway and trail connections in the next 20+ years in the City of Stratford.

  • The plan builds upon the City’s 2010 Master Transportation Plan and 2012 Accessibility Plan, with an underlying goal of encouraging all forms of bicycle and pedestrian travel.
  • Identified a preferred cycling and pedestrian network building upon existing and future planned roadways and trails, park-and-ride facilities, recreation, education facilities, stations, and bus routes.
  • Established a bike and pedestrian network implementation strategy and an outreach and promotion strategy to further promote a city-wide comprehensive and connected transportation system encouraging the use of cycling and pedestrian facilities.
  • Public information centres, workshops, and a web-based questionnaire gathered input from members of the public, as well as local stakeholders and interest groups.


  • Bike and Pedestrian Master Planning & Network Development
  • Public and Stakeholder Consultation
  • Policy Development
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Route Signage and Mapping

Location: Stratford, Ontario