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Designing George C. King, Calgary, Alberta

George C. King Bridge is a crucial component in the transformation of Calgary’s East Village neighbourhood.


Client: Calgary Municipal Land Corporation 

Our client’s challenge

Since 2007, CMLC has committed more than $357 million in investment into East Village infrastructure and has attracted over $2.4 billion of planned development, including new mixed-use/residential projects and hotels as well as the new Central Library and the new National Music Centre.

Creating a link between the East Village and St. Patrick’s Island as well as to the communities, LRT station and popular pedestrian paths to the north was seen as crucial for the area’s transformation. 

Our approach

The bridge was designed by an international team, including French engineering and architectural firm RFR (Paris) and WSP. To create an efficient, yet elegant structure, it was designed as a three-span, 182-metre long network arch structure that has been likened to stones “skipping across the water.”


George C. King's Bridge is a beautiful example of innovative design that respects and enhances its surroundings. Given its slender and architecturally unique design, the bridge overcame several design and construction challenges, not the least of which was the catastrophic Calgary flood of June 2013.