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École Secondaire du Sommet, Canada

Design the École Secondaire du Sommet High School in Bedford, Nova Scotia to LEED Silver standards.


Client: Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal

Project objectives

  • Design a high school that optimizes the learning experience for students and educators.
  • Design a school that respects the culture of the French-speaking community of the region.
  • Design to LEED Silver standards, incorporating a green roof and rainwater re-use technologies.


The school was developed around a simple cruciform shape which maximizes the ability to maintain safe, secure academic space while also offering the public/private zoning that is necessary for after-hours and public use of the school’s facilities.  A two-storey circulation avenue featuring a clerestory links the multi-function and community spaces, floods the area with natural light, and enlivens key spaces in the building. Respect for the culture of the school community directed many design elements, such as the glazing colours which were taken from the Acadian flag and the sloped roof lines which recall the facets of the Acadian Star.


École Secondaire du Sommet is an exciting, unique, landmark school and community centre in Bedford South which serves 300+ students in grades 7-12, as well as the vibrant French-speaking community.