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Groundbirch Montney Gas Plant, Canada

Design and project manage engineering for the Groundbirch Montney Gas Plant Phase 4, Dawson Creek, British Colombia, Canada.


Project objectives

  • Design and project manage engineering for a gas plant
  • Design and manage project to required schedule
  • Manage costs within a required budget


Phase 4 of the Groundbirch 04-15 Montney Gas Plant is an integral part of our client’s overall Groundbirch Venture field development plan.  Montney 4 represents a large expansion of the client’s field processing capabilities in order to fully develop their Montney Asset. We designed and completed Phase 4 of the Montney Gas Plant right after phase 3, using phase 3 as the design template.  This design is intended to be used by the client as a base for future facilities.


This project was on an aggressive schedule for start up, and required dedicated staff, management and personnel on the part of both our Company and the client’s personnel to ensure it met all requirements and goals.