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Highlands Garden Booster Pumping Station


In 2005, an Environmental Assessment was completed to evaluate necessary improvements to the City of Hamilton’s H3 pressure district. The decision was made to decommission the existing pumping station (1.5 ML/d) on Hillcrest Avenue, west of the existing park staircase, and construct the new Highland Gardens Park Booster Pumping Station (BPS). This is a much loved community hub, off Hillcrest Avenue at the foot of the Niagara Escarpment, adjacent to Bruce Trail.

Given the popularity of the location, a Community Liaison Committee (CLC) was formed to inform and engage with the community about the project details, design and construction. CLC workshop feedback shaped the building architectural aesthetics and the site landscaping. These workshops continued throughout the design phase of the project and proved to be extremely beneficial to the project and the community.

The new Highland Gardens Park BPS and the Ferguson BPS (HD003) are sister stations providing necessary redundancy for the delivery of Pressure District Three’s total water demand (fire flow + maximum daily flow). The highly regarded, St. Joseph’s Hospital and a significant portion of Hamilton’s downtown core are serviced by Pressure District Three, making this BPS a critical piece of the City’s water infrastructure.

Key Achievements/Features

  • Design firm capacity of 12 Ml/d
  • 3 6 Ml/D variable speed horizontal split case centrifugal booster pumps, two duty/one standby
  • Surge relief valves and piping
  • 450 Kw standby diesel generator
  • Complete SCADA control and integration with City of Hamilton water supply system
  • Exterior architectural finishes and landscaping to compliment station’s location in park at foot of Niagara Escarpment


  • Pre-design
  • Detailed design
  • Tender period assistance
  • Contract administration and residential services during construction
  • Commissioning and training
  • Warranty period administration

Location: Hamilton, ON, Canada