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Highway 25, Quebec

Contaminated soil management for the completion of Highway 25, Montreal/Laval, Quebec.


Client: Kiewit-Parson


  • Soil management for the construction of a 7.2 km-long section of highway in a contaminated urban environment.
  • Produce the Phase I, II and III site assessments (EES) and rehabilitation plan and supervise the implementation of the project.
  • Submit the ministère du Développement durable, de l'Environnement et des Parcsauthorization certificate applications and the certifications required under section IV.2.1 of Quebec’s Environment Quality Act.


The completion of Highway 25 as a private/public partnership was a large-scale fast-track project. During the process, we acquired valuable expertise as well as a unique understanding of the construction permit application process in relation to environmental requirements in a PPP context. In addition, we were responsible for managing contaminated soils during the construction of this section of the highway. To that end, we served as principal stakeholder with Quebec’s Department of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks (MDDEP), in addition to carrying out comprehensive soil characterization studies (more than 350 surveys) and putting together the drill cutting management plan and the environmental rehabilitation plan, as well as supervising the work and preparing the rehabilitation reports.


The A25 contaminated soil management mandate was an intense experience that enabled our earth sciences team to demonstrate its ability to deliver projects in record time, with a very high quality/satisfaction level.