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Highway 7 Passing Lane via Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


WSP performed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) survey to create a digital terrain model and an aerial image map for the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, Saskatchewan. WSP’s approach:

  • Ensured the survey was carried out without having to post flag persons on the highway, minimizing disruptions to road operations.
  • Covered a 33 linear kilometer and a 100 meter wide swath of Highway 7, with flights conducted over a period of five days.
  • Enabled all features to be picked up at one time, reducing or eliminating the requirement for return field visits.
  • Delivered high-resolution (five centimeter pixels) aerial imagery of the site, a digital terrain model (five centimeter accuracy) with one meter point spacing, and cross-sections along the highway at defined intervals.
  • Allowed for specific features (edge of road, centerlines, road markings, condition of roads and ditches) to be picked out from the imagery and the digital surface model.
  • Meant data was able to be filtered to various grid sizes to allow for ease of use in assorted software packages.


  • Road Surface and Cross-Section Survey
  • Digital Terrain Model Creation
  • High Resolution Imagery Collection

Location: Delise to Rosetown, Saskatchewan