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Integrated Airport Billing - FIDS Solution at Atlantic City

WSP deployed the ALFA Airport Billing System as part of an integrated solution with the airport’s FIDS.


Client: South Jersey Transportation Authority (SJTA)

Our client’s challenge

As part of a larger project to deploy an Airport Information Management System (AIMS) at the Atlantic City International Airport, the SJTA wanted to improve the airport revenue management system.  The airport needed to manage both aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenue streams as well as integrate airport billings within the larger SJTA financial management system.

Our approach

Working closely with the project’s prime design-build contractor Infax Inc., WSP consulted with both the airport’s finance and billing team as well as Infax’s technology experts to ensure that ALFA would fully leverage the data available within the Airport Operations Database (AODB) as seamlessly as possible. A critical part of the billing system implementation was the completion of a detailed Business Process Review by WSP. This ensured that our team fully understood existing data sources, business rules and processes so that the proposed solution not only produced the same results, but did so with improved accuracy and reduced effort.


The team successfully deployed the integrated solution which has resulted in improved billing accuracy at a reduced effort which allows staff to focus on other high value activities.