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Lorne Park Water Treatment Plant Capacity Expansion

WSP provided consulting services on the design and construction of the Lorne Park Water Treatment Plant capacity expansion.


Client: Regional Municipality of Peel

Our client’s challenge

As a result of strong growth in Ontario’s Region of Peel, a review of the Water and Wastewater Servicing Master Plan (2005) concluded that Lorne Park Water Treatment Plan capacity must be increased from 347 ML/d to 500 ML/d.

Construction staging was a critical component of the project on several fronts as Lorne Park Water Treatment Plant plays a major role in supplying water to the Region of Peel. Public access to the Jack Darling Park was also an important component of the project. 

Our approach

WSP provided consulting services for the completion of the Class EA, design, construction administration and site inspection services for the conversion of one process and distribution train of the Lorne Park Water Treatment Plant from a conventional treatment plant rated for 227 ML/d to a membrane filtration system rated for 380 ML/d, to provide a total firm treatment capacity of 500 ML/d.

To provide the highest quality water, an Advanced Oxidation (AOP) system consisting of UV Reactors and Hydrogen Peroxide. Accompanying this was the conversion of the existing sand filters to GAC contractors, including replacement of the original underdrains. The existing Sand/GAC filters in the remaining portion of the conventional plant were topped up with regenerated GAC.

New low lift raw water and high lift distribution pumping stations were also incorporated into the design to accommodate the increased production capacity. Further, high voltage power upgrades were completed along with installation of 9.3MW of standby power in the overall expansion.


Throughout the construction phases, WSP ensured that any shutdowns or temporary reductions in capacity were carefully coordinated to maintain the integrity of the supply at all times. Efforts were made to mitigate the disruption to the park by improving landscape design to seamlessly integrate the plant with the surrounding park.

Contracts 1 and 2 of the water treatment plant upgrades were completed in October 2012. Contract 3 is currently in construction and consists of high lift pump installation, high voltage upgrades and administration area expansion.