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MacMillan Farm

The City of Vaughan retained WSP to establish a business plan and operations model for the historic MacMillan Farm property.

  • Acquired by the City of Vaughan in 2011, the MacMillan Farm property is 10 hectares in size and includes two houses that are designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act.
  • WSP’s multidisciplinary team of land use planners and landscape architects provided heritage planning services to analyze a series of options for the future use of the property.
  • WSP undertook an extensive precedent review of heritage properties that have been adaptively reused and that are owned and managed by a public or government agency and or a not-for profit organization. The precedent review included an analysis of the governance and operational structures of these properties. Using the geographic information (GIS) capabilities at WSP, the locations of these facilities were mapped in relation to the MacMillan Farm property.
  • In developing the business case for the future use of the MacMillan property, future capital and operating costs associated with site upgrades were determined by WSP’s transportation engineers, landscape architects, and civil engineers.


  • Cultural Heritage Planning
  • GIS
  • Business Plan and Operations Model

Location: Vaughan, Ontario