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Major risk analysis mandate on marine spills in canadian waters


Location: Across Canada
Transport Canada
Project value: $1.2M

This risk assessment and mapping project will enable policy-makers, departments and communities to better assess some of the risks associated with the opening up of the Arctic ocean caused by receding summer ice coverage. The future of the Arctic will arguably become more active, and WSP is contributing to making it safer for the environment and for communities.

Our client’s challenge

The project challenge lies in developing a geographical information system database (GIS) aimed at managing and calculating risk values based on large national data sets. This study was the first of its kind in Canada.


This cross-Canada study provides federal government officials with the information they need to plan prevention, intervention, mitigation and restoration measures in connection with accidental spills. Our findings were used by the expert committee to formulate various recommendations that are being followed by the federal government today.