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Mississauga Park 508; A Cultural Heritage Landscape

  • The City of Mississauga retained WSP’s landscape architects early in 2014 to complete the conceptual and detailed design of a public park at the former Hancock Woodlands Nursery.
  • The site is associated with the Hancock family, a prominent local family, and contains culturally significant buildings such as the family residences, the nursery office, and the maintenance building, that once served to house displaced Japanese-Canadians who worked on the site during World War II.
  • The design for the park required sensitivity to its character-defining features, while balancing the needs of site users. The remaining nursery elements have left visible traces of the site’s history on the landscape, and conserving them for future generations is an important component of the work.
  • The woodlot contains many mature native and ornamental species, specifically rhododendrons cultivated by Leslie Hancock, which require a management plan that WSP ecologists and landscape architects collaborated together on. A thorough analysis of the site’s existing environmental, architectural, and infrastructural features has been completed, and concept design was completed in consultation with the city and its residents.
  • The park opened in the summer of 2015.


  • Environmental, Architectural, and Infrastructural Analysis
  • Concept Design

Location: Mississauga, Ontario