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Morris Water Treatment Plant, Manitoba

Design of the Morris Regional Water Treatment Plant Upgrade in Morris, Manitoba, Canada.


Client: Pembina Valley Water Co-operative

The client’s objectives

  • Increase plant capacity by 200%
  • Improve water quality to meet consumer expectations and provincial standards
  • Enhance reliability of river water source


We conceptualized and designed an upgrade for the Morris Regional Water Treatment Plant. The upgrade converted a conventional process to a state-of-the-art integrated membrane treatment plant (microfiltration followed by nanofiltration). Microfiltration removes turbidity and pathogens and nanofiltration reduces hardness as well as organics. The plant feeds an extensive rural distribution system. Plant upgrades included: increasing plant capacity (32L/s to 100L/s), 700 sq m building addition and 1.3 million-litre reservoir expansion, construction of a 1.6 billion litre raw water storage pond with aeration, and new Red River intake and pumping station.