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OR 174 In-Service Road Safety Audit

  • WSP was retained to assess a 12-km section of legacy two-lane, two-way, rural highway to evaluate the benefits of moving to a full multi-lane divided highway format.
  • Evaluated the safety impacts of highway geometrics, congestion effects, and rural highway passing operations; roadside safety analysis; accommodation of pedestrians and cyclists; assessment of transition zones to settled areas along the highway; and consideration of positive guidance and human factors.
  • Employed collision pattern and risk analysis, stakeholder consultation, and cost-effectiveness evaluation of both strategic and tactical road safety countermeasures.
  • Calibrated and applied the FHWA Interactive Highway Safety Design Model to check geometric policy compliance, to evaluate road safety, and assess passing opportunities.


  • Transportation Planning
  • Safety Review
  • Functional Design
  • Cost Estimates

Location: Ottawa, Ontario