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On-site restoration of the Mount Royal Cross, Montreal, Quebec

Perched atop the mountain that bears the same name, the famous Mount Royal Cross is clearly visible from the upper floors of WSP’s headquarters in Montreal.


A unique mandate

The City of Montreal entrusted our firm and its partners with a major design/supervision mandate in connection with the restoration of the Cross’s steel structure, in accordance with the original construction techniques. Other than replacing the Cross’s lighting system in 1992, no major restoration work was performed between 1924 and 2004. Various ideas were considered; the only acceptable solution was to repair and restore the structure on-site.

The project’s general goals were as follows:

  • Restoring the Cross in accordance with the original construction techniques.
  • Implementing a new lighting system.
  • Redeveloping the surrounding area (in terms of security, esthetics and functionality).
  • Enhancing the experience of park visitors using the area.
  • Preserving, protecting and promoting the Cross’s heritage value.
  • Preserving the engineering structure by undertaking major repairs/maintenance work.

Pierre Nadon, Project Manager, explains: “Thanks to its unique role and place on the Montreal skyline atop Mount Royal, the Cross has become an icon. This was a major project due to its challenges, complexity, uniqueness, heritage value and long-term viability, not to mention its special place in the hearts of Montrealers. In addition to benefiting visitors for decades to come, GENIVAR’s team and partners, in collaboration with the City of Montreal’s professionals, took on the challenge brilliantly. Congratulations to all members of our team!