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Ottawa Road Design

WSP provided an in-depth analysis of existing road design in the City of Ottawa.

  • WSP identified areas of overlap, ambiguity, gaps, and other deficiencies in the standards, guidelines, methods, and best practices used for road design in Ottawa.
  • We developed an online database of all the standards and guidelines that were reviewed as part of the study.
  • Database functionality included keyword search and a variety of filtering options, including road classification and elements of a typical road cross-section.
  • WSP sought input from City of Ottawa staff and consultants through online surveys, in-person interviews, and workshops, and consulted key staff from comparable jurisdictions to understand how other cities are addressing similar issues.
  • Findings of the analysis and consultation were documented in a final report and website.


  • Road Design Analysis
  • Custom Online Database
  • Stakeholder Consultation
  • Interactive Online Survey and Results Analysis
  • Summary Report and Project Website

Location: Ottawa, Ontario