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Preliminary Design and Public Consultation for Route 90

  • Kenaston Boulevard (Route 90) is the major north-south corridor in west Winnipeg, serving industrial and commercial areas and facilitating high-volume, local, and regional traffic, as well as being a vital link for existing and planned development along the corridor.
  •  WSP provided preliminary road design, transportation planning, traffic operational analysis, noise analysis and mitigation, drainage and utilities, neighbourhood traffic review, landscape architecture, as well as cost estimates, and regulatory approvals.
  •  WSP employed a variety of techniques to provide effective, objective information to the public and obtain meaningful input to the study.


  • Transportation Planning
  • Traffic Operational Analysis
  • Public Consultation
  • Active Transportation
  • Noise Analysis & Mitigation
  • Access Management
  • Preliminary Road Design
  • Structural Review
  • Drainage & Utilities
  • Signage
  • Neighbourhood Traffic Review
  • Environmental & Regulatory Approvals
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Universal Design Review
  • Property Appraisals & Costs
  • Cost Estimates

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba