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Sartigan Dam Discharge Capacity Upgrade, Saint-Georges, Quebec

The structure was originally built to control spring thaw flooding and reduce the downstream formation of ice jams in the Chaudière River. It is located in an urban environment and was no longer able to withstand the new maximum probable flood.


We have delivered various hydraulic projects of this kind in the past. However, adding flood control to the existing dam significantly increased the structure’s complexity. Our team carried out this mandate to the client’s complete satisfaction,” said Roland Brosseau, Project Manager.

Services Provided

WSP provided drawings, plans and specifications; hydraulic design; stability calculations; structural design; mechanical/electrical design; environmental approvals and construction supervision to our client Centre d’expertise hydrique du Québec (CEHQ)

Project Summary

The project consisted of the replacement of a section of the gravity dam by a flood control system with three vertical gates, to increase the discharge capacity by 600 m3/s. A plunge pool was also designed to dissipate the energy downstream of the floodgates.

Key Challenge

Connecting the new flood control system while keeping the dam in operation was a major challenge involving the building of a large cofferdam in order to ensure dry conditions. A special mechanism was designed to ensure watertightness and to allow expansion of the joint between the two structures.