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Saturn Gas Plant Deep Cut Facility

The Saturn Gas Plant Deep Cut Turbo-Expander Facility was engineered to extract an ethane plus liquid product from third party inlet sales gas.


The turbo-expander plant area will use Ortloff proprietary technology – Recycle Split Vapour (RSV) with Carbon Dioxide Control (CDC) – to achieve increased ethane recovery as compared to a conventional Gas Sub-cooled Process (GSP) plant technology.

  • The facility included a dehydration system, propane refrigerated liquids recovery facility, de-ethanizer and debutanizer fractionation systems and C3-C4 mol sieve treating.  The control system selected was Provox Distribute Control System (DCS) and Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) five for discrete shutdown logic.
  • The plant included 18,000 horsepower of electric motor driven reciprocating inlet/sales gas compression and 2,900 horsepower of propane refrigeration compression.
  • The design of the Saturn Gas Plant was based on all new equipment sizes and sourced during the detailed design phase of the project.


  • Detailed Design

Location: Northern Alberta