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Solid waste landfill in Saint-Nicéphore, Quebec

Engineering services in solid waste management at one of the province’s largest landfills.


Client: Waste Management (WM) Quebec Inc.

Our client’s challenge

Our client was ultimately concerned with optimizing their capital and operational costs. They wanted to increase the volume of their landfill, improve compliance, and optimize their biogas collection process. 

Our approach

WSP designed a double geo-membrane liner system with an efficient leachate collection system, a batch reactor to remove ammonia, and a biogas leachate heating system to improve treatment efficiency. WSP also rehabilitated the biogas collection system, the vacuum collection piping network, and the two enclosed flares. As well as designed the final impermeable cover and settling pond.


WSP has acted as WM’s main engineering firm since 1998. We continue to work on WM projects including a 2014 cell design. WSP will be managing the construction supervision and biogas system extension.