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Southfork Stage 3A, Leduc, Alberta

WSP provided the landscape and civil engineering services for the 198-lot subdivision in the City of Leduc.


Client: Tamani Communities

Our client’s challenge

WSP has been working with Tamani Communities project since 2010 in landscape and civil engineering. WSP has serviced approximately 750 lots in Southfork as of 2015. 

Southfork Stage 3A included landscape design for the storm water pond, a large park that contains a toboggan hill and playground and an abundance trails and greenspace throughout the neighbourhood. 

Stage 3A and newer stages have since focused on introducing a variety of family-orientated housing options in the neighbourhood. This wide variety of innovative options has made Southfork the number 1 selling community in the City of Leduc.

Our approach

Tamani’s fast-paced development in Southfork has allowed WSP to consider how best to service future stages during development and to take every opportunity possible to prepare for future stages in the most efficient manner minimizing the cost of the entire development.

This forward-thinking approach has reduced the overall project costs. It has also given the project team a head-start in the spring to begin underground and surface construction so as to ensure the site readiness for building permits in the fall.


In 2014, Southfork was awarded a K-9 school which reflects the fast-growing, family-oriented development initiatives of the neighbourhood. This school, in Stage 8, is currently under construction and is expected to open doors for the 2016 school year.

Southfork drive streetscape