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WSP provides comprehensive consulting services to Southfort Development Corporation for a 210ha mixed residential and commercial land development project in Fort Saskatchewan.


Planning and engineering work began in 2001 and the first stage starting construction began in 2003. Since then, several stages have been completed. As of 2016, 1,039 single family residential lots, 12.1 hectares of multi-family residential land and 21.5 hectares of commercial land has been serviced. The remaining land is expected to be developed in phases over the next five to ten years.

Key Achievements/Features

  • Gravity sanitary sewer system
  • Gravity storm sewer minor system
  • Overland drainage design
  • Multiple Stormwater Management Facilities including wet and dry ponds
  • Asphalt roadways with curb and gutter
  • Full intersection connections to highwayb
  • Potable water piping


  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Legal surveying
  • Construction survey

Location: Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta