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Steeprock Gas Plant

The Steeprock Gas Plant is a sour gas processing facility located in the Cutbank Ridge area of northeast British Columbia.


Its processing units included a methyl diethanolamine (MDEA) amine unit, acid gas enrichment unit, three stage 35 tonnes per day Claus sulphur plant and glycol/water process heating medium system. Utilities included glycol/water cooling and heat tracing systems and a low pressure flare system.  

The project consisted of:

  • Tray replacements and additional feed nozzles for the amine contactor and enhanced lean amine filtration;
  • Utilization of surplus equipment to suit the addition of acid gas and combustion air preheaters, conversion of all exchangers from steam to glycol/water, piping modifications and the addition of three inline, fuel gas fired re-heaters;
  • Construction of a below-grade concrete pit for the storage of liquid sulphur, along with shipping facilities for truck-out of liquid sulphur; and,
  • Installation of an acid enrichment unit and a Delta V Distributed Control System (DCS)/Safety Instrumented System (SIS) for process and discrete logic control.      


  • Detailed Design

Location: Northeast British Columbia